Tuesday, November 09, 2004

ex girlfriends

you know the songs angel's in the centerfold and the piƱa collada song damn! WHO is going to be the first to write a song in which they went to the imaginary girlfriends site and found their girlfriend was there ...cheating on them? well, maybe it's not exactly cheating...?? at public blowjobs

top of the C&W charts this week:
"I'm walkin them blue steel rails out of town all alone
since my imaginary girlfriend went and got an imaginary boyfriend of her own."

or, maybe a remake...

My imaginary girlfriend's back and girl there's gonna be trouble
(Hey la, hey la, I imagine she's back)
you think I am a loser, well I'm gonna bust your bubble
(Hey la, hey la, I'm pretending she's back)
I heard you telling all your friends our relationship is ending
(Hey la, hey la, you think I have no options)
My social skills are sorry, but I'm getting better at pretending
(Hey la, Hey la, I have a year's subscription)
She sent me a letter and she scented it with perfume
(Hey la, hey la, you can smell it if you want to)
She's faithful to me, but she's invisible to you
(Hey la, hey la, it's all in my head)

(Yeah, she's an angel fairy)
(so what if she's imaginary)
(Yeah, and this is worth repeatin')
(Hey, it's not exactly cheatin')